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Grrr found another "hidden reason" for being dumped


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Ok, I looked at his profile (we met on that website)...we dated for two weeks.. and he dumped me bec he don't like the way I kiss.. didn't feel it was passionate enough ... whatever... and now he updated his profile... he has those stupid requirements and what women will respond to those?? He probably did not tell me he broke up with me for another reason is because I own a condominium! Now what is wrong with owning a condominum???


He wrote in his profile that a woman MUST have a House, NO CONDOS, NO TOWNHOUSES, NO DUPLEX, NO APARTMENTS. and if a woman will allow him to move in with her, he will pay half of everything! What a retarded dork!! He owns a house himself and he mentioned when we were together he wanted me to invite him to move in (I was taken aback when he said that).... and he wanted to sell his house.. I suspect to be closer to his work because currently he has an hour commute! ](*,) He will never find a woman with those stupid requirements! He also said on his profile that the woman has to be a good kisser or he will walk away. His profile wasn't like that when we first met. (Btw it was the first time I have heard of complaint of my kissing! )


I am a good person, so what if I own a condo. Houses here are very expensive and way out of my price range. There is more to a person than what a person has like a house! sheesh! : (


Just wanted to vent. I am glad he is gone, because I found the true colors of him. This is just unbelieveable!!!!

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Well, he seems superficial and someone you can do without.


He has categorized you based on your ownership of a combo and method of kissing.


Did this man have any good qualities?


What makes you drawn to him as for me, I see huge red flags glaring.


I am sorry that he was very materialistic and insensitive to you.


You deserve far better.


Hugs, Rose

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i bet he wrote that profile just to tick you off. you mean to tell me that if a victoria's secret model or look alike answered his ad, but she owned a condo, that she would get the boot?


he sounds really immature and selfish. thank your lucky stars you got rid of this man early on!


good luck

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Yes. Well, I don't think he wrote that profile to tick me off. After he dumped me, I hid my profile so no one can see my profile on that website. I don't think he would try to tick me off. I have been doing the NC for 2 weeks now. He broke up with me a month ago and he just recently updated his profile.



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