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the answer to love


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well let me share it


when god made you

a year later he madeth me

then good look upon the world and sayth i was made to find you

and when i find you we be one

and from him we shall receive a gift

which is me to you and you to me

and together we be one

and we be strength to not our work but god

and he shall bless us

because you have help to see

what i blind too

he have spoke to me through you

and know you have help save my soul

because before you my heart driven cold

and love no longer seek me

but god have show me happiness

and you did god work by not being afraid to tell me about him

for that god have bless you

and you be my eye when i blinded by evil

and i will hear ears when deaf by evil

because i will be your strenght when you are weak

as you be my strength when i am weak

because god we both seek

and i having thank god enough

because i was dead and i have risen from sin to join under god

to love and cherist you

until my work have done on heart

but our soul shall on to heaven

because my love is spoken not from me but of god

stay strong believe in him

for he say know your pain

and you are forgiven

and shall both rise

with is blessing

and no longer shall we weep

are want to fall into a deep sleep

i love you

and you are my glory from the most high

thank for sharing your word of god with me.

love always

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