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survivors of abuse can help you


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Hi , I have read some threads on here that have prompted me to write and perhaps I help some of you that are suffering right now. I was abused at 9 and more. without going into the details safe to say iI suffered the resulting effects for many years. So I write this in the hope that you can see that you are not on your own in your trauma and that there is hope and help out there. We cannot change what has happened to us but we can become survivors and not victims. That is important, you are here, you have survived, in what ever shape or form youve made it through to today.


Many dont. think of them Ive had those thoughts, suicidal, been alone emotionally , broken relationships , panic attacks ,nightmares , depression , it goes on on and on . we internalise whats happened to us, sometimes we self harm in many ways to try to reason with it inside , blame ourselves . But we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens , and it happened to us big time.


So we have to deal with it, we CANNOT let our lives be controlled and directed by events of our past, by people who can change our lives forever but for them it was just another day . this is our life , listen to this, we have to survive, I do by helping you, you out there reading this, and you must for those poor souls out there suffering TODAY. Its about choice , demanding a life, getting help to get where you want to be, be the person you should be. so i hope here I can help you to put things into perspective and move on . If I can help I will ,Im on my way through and out the other side , its a whole new world out there

stay safe.

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hi I can see your point and the label, yes some people have a problem coming to terms with what has happened to us , they cant comprehend it, but hey thats the world, afraid of what they dont understand .And thats part why people keep it inside. we can look at ourselves as survivors no one wants but it depends if we want ourselves and to be honest I never did , but we have the choice to disclose to those we can trust, and hope they will understand .


stay safe

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