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STUDENTS AND STUDIES ( waiting for replies desperatly)

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Do you get enough sleep at night? Maybe that's why you start to get sleepy while doing work. Maybe you are trying to get too much done in one day and you need to spread it out? Maye it's the time of day you are studying? I also think everyone is different when it comes to how they work in certain places. For me, I always needed something on...like the TV for background noise or some soft music. I could never stand complete silence. Others are completely different. Figure out what works for you. Just make sure you aren't surrounded by things or people who will distract you from your work. Are you in college? High school? Grad school?

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Im a student and the thing that keeps me going is motivation, I think about things after my study for example working properly, doing what I want to do and making money ... It always helps me do my best


Ive also discovered have a 15min break every 2 hours is really good too, have a coffee or a cup of tea, sit outside for awhile and relax, then hit the books again. Also try not to study late at night, it doesnt get you anywhere... the best time to study is early in the morning


Good luck

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Sleep is a common way to deal with stress!!!!!! Your body panics then starts to shut down!! I think......


For example- if you have a big shock- you can faint. I think.........


If I have a particularly embarrassing moment- or I'm worrying about money. I find myself suddenly yawning.


So that could explain why you're feeling tired.


Also you may not be sleeping great. The optimum time to sleep (so I'm told) is between 10pm and 2am. If you sleep outside those times then it might interrupt your sleep.


But^^^^ obviously if you are lying there worried about how to get to sleep then it will be a bit stressful- so exercise is really important.


Are you drinking plenty of water too?


Also do you have clear set goals in your study? If you dont know exactly at what point you are going to finish it can make you feel really drowsy and stop you from concentrating. If you are not completing your goal then make it smaller- and then STOP. Then the next time you start studying you can increase the goal and work your way up.


Also desire- in your head- do you really want to study. Often I cant get something done because two parts of my brain are arguing. One is resentful it has to do something and the other one is panicked and they beat each other up. So why not sit down and ask yourself why are you studying? Because you thought you had to? Do you really want to? Which parts are interesting. Life is about feeling alive not just wandering through doing things expected of you^^^^^^ obviously I dont know you but I wandered through my A levels blindly trying to pass exams and never asking myself what I wanted- I might have enjoyed them more if I'd let myself be interested.



First and foremost- the ability to concetrate is a choice- you can choose to stop thinking "oh I cant do it I cant concentrate". Dont tell yourself negative things


Have fun!!!!!!

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Thanxs alot everyone

rmpavlock i m in A levels and yes i dont get much sleep,Thanx for your advice you know its only weekend when i sleep alot really alot 14 to 15 hrz on fridays (.hehehe). but if i sleep during skool days even 8 hrs i will lose alot in studies. i get alot of homework.

Lost status about motivations thans studying in morning not possible skool is in morning

Hay down i drink really lot of water (lol.ya i have broken down the 1 weeks plan in to 2.guess what i m relaxed more over.

Hey guys i wanted to tell you something ...i have been working so hard over my accounts.the teacher had given questions to try at home no 1 was able to do it except me now i have got 7 stars in front of him....i m really motivated...n i m not getting stress much cuz i m really really motivated

I had noticed another problem in me since 6-7 months i tremble alot

not only when i have to give presentations but anything like some1 talks to me or i saw some1 fighting or i get appreciated or noted...its not being about scared its just...i dont know why...please help me

hey any A level student plz guide me to get good grades

i got 4A n 4B in O levels .

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,


Please update your current post and refrain from using netspeak in future posts, it's against the forum rules. Words such as n, itz, plz, are not allowed.


Go to the link in my signature to read further about it.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Hugs, Rose

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Hello buddies ME GETTING WHat I wanted.

MY plans working getting enough sleep,concentrating on work well.

All thanks to you guys.

I have even got apreciated for the hard work by my teachers now and i have scored 1oo% in my 2 subject and in 3rd subject i got 94% that is also highest.

I am top of the world.

Thanks alot everyone.

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