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Clueless about friendship & dating


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The last time I posted on ENA, I was going through the agonizing struggle of how to ask a certain girl to lunch.


The opportunity for me to talk to this girl has long since passed, but I have met another girl - one that I think is a much better match for me.


I've met her 3 times in the last week, and really like what I've seen of her so far. My attraction to her has not been based so much on looks as her personality and caring heart - although I must admit I think she's cute.


Somehow she's looking past my own social ineptitude, awkwardness, and lack of conversation skills - and has not said no to me about getting together for lunch, dinner, coffee, or just to hang out. I've called her every time to set our meetings up, and I have a few questions for the more experienced daters out there:


When (if ever) should she start calling me if she's interested? Should I continue to call her at the risk of her trying to be nice and not telling me she would rather not see me?


If she wasn't interested, would she have gotten too "busy" to meet up with me after we've had 3 dates?


I've asked her lots of questions about herself (mostly to learn more about her and to keep the coversation going), and she's asked me less than 5 in all of our dates combined. Does this say anything about her interest level in me?


She insisted on paying for our meal at our last date, and I did not argue with her about it. Was this a signal that I should not expect to pay because we're not really dating yet?


What would be a good way for me to test her interest level? I'm afraid simply waiting around for her to call would cause her to think that it was me who wasn't interested.


Am I just driving myself crazy and over analyzing this? What can I do to relax and have fun?

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Thanks Vermilion,


I'm afraid I was just barely holding her interest, and then may have lost it yesterday.


I really wanted to see if she would initiate a date, so I said if she wasn't doing anything to give me a call - and she said she would.


But now if she doesn't call today how am I supposed to know if she was just busy or really would rather be alone or with friends rather than me?


LOL, there I go overanalyzing again

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