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I've got a new oppertunity... how should I handle it?


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4 years ago, in 8th grade, I had a crush on this girl named Trisha (ya, I know its quite a coincidence that Trisha was also the name of the girlfriend of mine who recently cheated on me and who, just recently, I broke up with. But believe me, they are completely different people.) Anyway, like I was saying, I had a HUGE crush and obsession on this girl named Trisha in 8th grade. I was so immature with this crush that when I even think about how much so, I cringe. Let's just say that I didn't at all hide my obsession and my feelings with her. But, she was so nice and everything, that I think she was able to stand these quirks and stay my friend. Anyway, I only went to school with her during 8th grade, and at the end of the year, I went to a different school, and practically over that summer, we lost contact.


It's been more than three years since we have talked. During those three years, I've gone through some life changing tough experiences with a girl named Terra that has forced me to mature. I am practically a different person than back in 8th grade.


Just recently, I found Trisha's email on my computer while looking for something else on it, so I sent her this email.


"Hey Trisha, it's Geoff Parker. You know, from Treetops in 8th grade? I just wanted you to know, I was thinking about you the other day. Don't know why, you just came up in a dream, and when I woke up, I asked myself, "Whatever happened to that girl named Trisha Ingersoll?" How are you doing? If you don't mind, I'd like to know you're cell phone number. You know, so we can catch up on old times, and create new ones? In any case, I look forward to reading you're reply, and hearing your voice again. Be sure to reply ASAP!



Geoff "


Today, she replied with this email.


"Hey Mister,


It is good to hear from you again, I hope you are doing well. As you might be able to tell, I'm not the best at checking my e-mail, but I do try. I warn you, I'm even worse when it comes to answering my phone (cell). Don't ask me why, I can't say, but I should be better. When I first got it I always had it with me, but now I forget it in my backpack. Sad, isn't it? Oh well. I usually have a lot of homework in English and biology and math...basically in every subject, but hopefully not too busy to talk. My cell # is *** *** *** =)


Tricia "




Now that I'm mature enough to be attractive, and now that I've just broken up with my girlfriend, what I want to do is see if we can get together and do something (so I can actually see her). If I still find her personality sweet and her body hot (lol), I want to see if we can hook up. Assuming that I still find her just as attractive as I can remember her being, I have some questions.


First, how should I progress my actions from calling her up the first time, to asking her out?


Secondly, what if she has a boyfriend? Should I just give up at this point, or is there something that I can do to make her want me instead of him?



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I would say, give it some time. You seem a little too enthusiatic. Now, remember, its been a while, she knows you liked her, plus in her email, it didnt seem she was to excited about you. Now that doesnt mean you can't get her, it just means that she is being a little cautious.


She has also told you she isnt good at replying or answering her phone because she is really busy so I would take that as the truth. She most likely is really busy and you will probably get very frustrated when she doesnt reply or call back but don't worry about it.


You are going to have to take this really slow.


Now, about the boyfriend thing, if you want a friendship go for it, it you want more, then let it be.

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Thanks. I sorta have another problem... what should I say the first time I call her? I don't know why, but I'm having a brain fart when it comes to this... I just don't know what to say. I mean, do I just go, "Hey, Trisha, its me, Geoff Parker, you know, from back in 8th grade? How are you doing?!"? For some reason, the few beginning moments, and what I'm gona say in those few moments are kinda making me nervous, like whatever I say MUST be perfect. Everything I've come up with so far don't sound right. I'm probably overthinking this way to far, but what would you say?

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