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am i asking for too much?


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basically ive came down with some sort of virus ever since sunday and its friday now. on monday when i was lying down to go to sleep my mom asked me if i feel ok because i looked a bit pale and then she told me that i had a fever. my fever was very high and wasnt going down. on wednesday morning around 3am i went to emerg and the doc said i had pneumonia.


basically my boyfriend was acting extremely sarcastic about the whole thing but i sort of ignored it. there were some times that he stopped by and he brought me flowers or we just sat and talked and it really made my day by him stopping by. then came this day when he came and we were watching a movie and basically he was giving me all sorts of problems. he was either telling me to go and hook up the dvd or go and get his jacket because he couldnt find his cell phone. he also said some things that werent very nice and at the end of it all i was crying.


he ended up saying sorry and then hugging me and stuff. then his friend called and asked whats he doing tonight and my boyfriend said that hes spending time with me so he cant meet up now but he will be able to later. is that right? like if im sick, shouldnt he say no and that hes spending time with me? and then today he stopped by this morning for breakfast and we hung out a little and then he went home. but tonight hes going out with friends. is it normal for him to just go out with his friends instead of visiting me. its not like i just have a cold. i just want to know, am i sounding silly, or is it normal of me to expect all this from him, being my boyfriend and all?


please respond.

thank you!

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I second what DN said, give the boy a little bit of a break after all he is making time to spend with you its not like he's completely blowing you off for his friends. But he needs time out with his friends also whether you are sick or not. I could completely understand you feeling this way if he didn't bother calling you or coming by to check and see how youre doing but there is a time to draw the line on being demanding.

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