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What Kinda Game is This?

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Hi, I have earlier posts about my ex bf who seemed to vanish....(he had relapsed to his ex....) he has sole custody of his kids, which he has lost custody of,(apparently temporarily), because of his ex's allegations just so you can understand (maybe better than me and my confusion).. only to come back.... stupid me to allow that to happen and then with no explanation whatsoever to once again to go back with his bipolar ex of 3 years ago. This occurred 2 weeks ago.


When I was with my ex bf, we used to hang out at a small cafe/bar type of place..... everyone knows everyone else basically, like a small town really this area. But what has happened in the span of a week, I've had three of his/my aquaintances, (all guys) show up at my place, asking how I am...... and get this, ALL THREE have done the come on..... my head is spinning * * * is up with that? Anyone have any ideas on what this can possibly be about??

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Im sorry that you are going through what you are going through. I am in the sameboat. It hurts especially when they promise you all sorts of things the just vanish. My story is just heartbreaking and I posted it exbf/gf relationships. You should go read it and you willl know that you are not alone. My ex gf hurt me so bad, its hard to find direction right now. I dont know why she vanishes though, she just does...Hang in there. Go read my thread and tell me what you think...Take Care..7out

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