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Can't get myself out of depression


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My strory is kind of long, I just don't know weather to move on, or wait or what?


My wife and I are in our 40's, Married for 8 yrs.


It all started when about a year ago she came and said she was moving out, didn't want the mamrriage commitment anymore? Few months before that, her daughter from previous marriage had literally died in her arms, then was revived by paramedics and my wife not to long after decided a relationship isn't what she wanted. She needed to find herself.


She tells me she Loves me too, but has to follow her heart and find herself. She wishes she took more time between marriages. We had a relationship where yes there were ups and downs, But we always were affectionate and intimate very often.


She wouldn't even maybe try counceling or anything. It has been a year now and in that year, after about a month after she decided to move, she started a relationship with a friend of hers, It hurt a lot, but after another few months she came to me and said she had made a huge mistake.


I took her back and within a week she was talking to her son about getting a apartment together. She was here for a few months more trying to save money and find a place. The whole time we were intimate with the stipulation that it didn't mean anyting. I went with it hopeing she would realize what she was doing. Hopeing the Love would come back..


Well I have tried numerous times to tell her I can't be Just friends, I love her too much and my feelings are what they are. She txt messages me daily, calls and we go to dinner, walks etc together. It's like she just wants someone like me because I am safe for her. A relationship in all ways except the intimacy. She says she has no intimate feelings but loves me..?? She doesn't want a relationship with anyone, and needs to love herself first. I feel as though I have been greivng for soooo long.. I just can't say no to her.


Please Help Me!!!!

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She appears to want to keep you on the back burner in case she cannot find someone else.


She has gone with another man while still married to you and apparently rescinded.


But she really hasn't shown any definite changes, no intimacy, doesn't really seem that into you.


I think she either needs to agree to counseling or the ship will sink.


You are not a 7-11 open at her taking as she pleases.


You deserve better.


Hugs, Rose

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