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Hello Enotalone.I have posted on here a few times for different things, however i need some opnions.


I have a 11 yr old son.Pretty shy however is easily liked.Im a single mom as his father passed away 5 years ago, however i have stayed very close to the other side of the family, still call my motherin law mom, was a maid of honour in my sister in laws wedding. I have never married to my sons father just togther for 8 years.


being a single mom i have always had help, however my folks moved about 2 hrs away from me, so its really just me and my son know with visits to both grandparents.


My sister in law has asked me to move with her and her husband about 1 hr from where i am now, a much bigger city, will be a better place for me to live, plus i will have more males around my son who will do things like hockey and bikerides and stuff all the things that i just dont have time for all the time, as i work full time.aswell in the end will be saving more money.

I would have to take my son out of school and thsi worries me as he has gone to this school since he was4 and now is 11 and in grade 6.he would have to start all over again in Jan 2007.

any feedback on this?postives and negatives?


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Since its an hour drive he can still keep in contact with any good friends that he wants to. Its close enough that it would be possible for him to spend the night at a friends house right? If he has any good friends he wants to keep up with its not too far away.


But the benifits! Closer to family, more male role models, stable support system for you his mother, in the end you save money! I say make the move, he is young enough that he will adjust. It can be very exciting for him. He still has six years left of schooling before he graduates 12th grade, thats alot of years to make new friends. (usa has 12th grade, not sure on canada)

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Hello sweeteyez!


I know that what you are contemplating sounds traumatic for your child, but the reality is not so bad. My dad was in the IBEW (electrical union) and we moved yearly. I always adjusted, and the memories of the different schools and experiences are precious to me now.


He will get a different point of view, double the friends that he has had in his lifetime, and get a big city perspective on the world PLUS all the family benefits...


I say make the move, there dosen't seem to be a downside here...

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