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im a 19 yr old male and i was goin out with my 18 yr old gfriend for 3 months...the first 2 weeks were went on 5 dates then we were bfriend/gfriend. now i kno we werent together that long but,me and her hit it off instantly...its weird cuz at first i wasnt that attracted to her but the more i got to kno her the better it got...until las nite wen i got a txt. messsage saying "hey hun i dont wanna do this but i have no choice but we need to spend some time apart i need to concentrate on everything thats goin on now wit school and things are movin too fast we could still hangout but for now...things need to slow down i still love you dearly"im a mess she took all her blogs off myspace with me and her and to see that maked me breakdown. i havent slept all nite. then i asked her if we still had a future together and she said "i think".i had such high hopes for this relationship we hung out almost everyday for 2 and a half months.i NEVER felt this strongly about nebody.


i told her that i respected and supported her decision and she had to do wat she had to do.im doin my best to keep it together and support her. my only fear now is that im going to wait and wait for her and then shes gonna find someone else or say it wont work out.ive never had one of these break ups b4 i also never felt this way b4. should i jus move on rightnow to save myself the despair and depression or should i wait around a wile? do these kinda breakups ever result in get back togethers?please any input would help greatly

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