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Why is it only happening to me?

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ok..when i go to school i feel like i am tared apart and when i am at home i just which i could vanish ..i get the worst treatment and i get no respect at all i think if i was an animal i would be treated better and the worst thing about it all that whever something bad is happening i feel so guilty and start to punish myself so hard

AT school nobody cares or talk to me while i sit down in my chair and watch everybody being theirselves ..at home i get bad treatment and i sit in my room the whole time doing nothing at all ...i just had too much enough and i dont want to feel like this anymore ...the whle time i just wish i die..No respect ..No careness and no friends


Any solution?

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Hey girl,


Are you a shy person? Do you ever approach people yourself, to hang out? Or are the people in your class just not the kind of people you can connect with?


I wonder what you mean by being treated in a bad way, certainly at home. I think if you have a warm home, the situation at school would at least affect you less. What happens at home? I can not really advise you without more specific information, I am afraid. But please know that you are respected here on the forum, and that we all care about each other.


Take care,



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I now where you're coming from, and you have to do something now get over your shyness before it becomes too much to handle.


I think all your problems come from a bad home environment...could you post more details about what's going on there? are you verbally/emotionally/phisically abused ?

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