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hey again, I've felt I should try to seek some advice aobut my relationship. For the most part me and my girl have a common relationship, were in a tough LDR right now and anything can happen. But I believe theres underlying issues here and I will seek advice.


this is the 2nd time me and this girl have been going out, the first ended in feburary and will NC and LC we managed to find each other again in august. we had about 2 weeks before she moved to the big city.


but now for the real background.. she dated losers in her past, one of which broke her heart and seemed to change her forever. He mistreated her and didnt reciprocate the love shared back to her. This culminated in a dangerous hospital visit to which he didnt even know about. She was hurt bad and poured herself into this relationship, and wasnt fully recovered even when we met, and this was over/under two years . Now its like I face the consquences of this. Also she once told me this story of being almost sexual assaulted in another city when we were first going out. The first time around she said she got away but during the early stages of when we got back together she opened up and told me she was raped. I was in shock but more in the fact, even though I didnt even know her then, that I couldnt do anything about it. shes had friends just use her in the past; she hasnt had many positive men in her life, I want to be that man.


I've seen glimpses of her opening up, and returning to her former self but its slow, and she tends to jump back 3 steps everytime she gets one ahead.. is there anyone out there that can give some advice? I'm being patient and not rushing her into anything, I just know that she has so much to give and to let it out..shes changed in some ways since the first time and others not so much...i just know it when the nights she lets down her guard, its beautiful to me.

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