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the lose of my first love

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my life has so much in five months i still cant believe it myself. my first love of my live was killed in a car accident 5 months ago. i seems like my whole live has changed so much. even tho we were not together any more we stilled remand best friends and i could go to him for anything and the same with him. we shared everything together. he was the only one that really knew me. since his death i still look for his car everytime i go somewhere or i see someone that is tall i look and see if it him. there was so many things that i never got to tell him and that i reget. i still go see him everyday and talk to him about my problems but everynight i cry my self to sleep and i will never forget him cause he has touched my soul in everyway. and i know we will meet at the crossroads someday

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Nobody has responded to your message and it looks as if it has been here for a while.

It is so sad that it turned out this way. I am so sad for you. I have been lucky so far in my life.

I hope that you have found some comfort in the time that has transpired between your posting and now.

I believe you are correct about the crossroads. I also believe that things happen for a reason. I cannot explain why this happened now to you.

Things like this will never come expectedly or at the right time. There is no way to prepare for it.

I believe that even though there are things that you did not get to tell him, he knows what they were.

He would want you to continue living your life happy and he would want the best for you.

Have you ever waited for something to happen and the time seems to drag by as you wait? Have you noticed that as soon as you get finished waiting and you are experiencing what you were waiting for it seems like the wait was non-existant?

You will have to wait to see him at the crossroads... and when you do, you will have forgotten the wait.

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