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Death instead of pain


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You thought that I was joking

Not even I was sure

I didn't think id kill my self

But to much pain I have endured

I can't believe I let it go

The trigger I have pulled

The pain I felt you'll never know

Even I was fooled

I didn't know how to do it

Take control of my hate

I guess I found a way

Death was just my fate

I use to laugh when I herd the stories

Of people committing suicide

Now I'm one of them

The pain would not subside

I thought that I could make it

I guess I wasn't right

I guess I couldn't take it

All the restless nights

I would wonder if you'd see

That one day I was gone

Maybe it's just me

But I haven't held you for so long

I know I shouldn't think of you

At least not like this

But I can't seem to help it

There's sum thin about you I miss

I'm not sure what it was

Maybe it's your kiss

Maybe it's the feeling

I got when I was with you

But now I let it go

There was nothing left to do

I thought about it from dark till light

Death was just in my sight

It was the way for my escape

The only way I could take

Maybe it was the easy way out

But no one could hear my shout

I screamed for help

No one came to my side

I guess I couldn't take it

The pain would not subside

I never thought id be the one

To ever end my life

I thought about doing it

Cutting with the knife

It's so much easier said then done

So I resorted to the gun

Pulling the trigger was the easiest thing

So much easier then you're game

Alive or dead it's all the same

But I chose death instead of pain

I had nothing left to do

No one heard my screams

Nothing left that I could say

My life was pointless anyway

No one will notice if I die

No one cares no one cries

I just couldn't take it

Looking in your eyes

I just seemed to realize

It's truly you that I despise

I gave my heart for you to take

Guess I did the wrong thing

I found that you were fake

I shout for help and no one came

To live or die it's all the same

I chose death instead of pain!

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WOW that is so good but so sad. How you are feeling okay hun. Death would be easier than life but next year could be the best year of your life and if you die you will miss out on so much. I really know how that feels thats how i use to feel

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