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Close but no cigar


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Hey guys,

This is the story. We had a football game last week, I went and I usually just walk around and talk to people. Some of my friends tried to hit on some cheerleaders from the other team (we'll call that town rc) well they failed. A little while later 2 of them decided to try again, I was standing behind them waiting for them to make fools of themselves and then move on. They asked them if they would cuddle with them, (it was about 50 degrees) and one who was the prettiest of them said no but what about the guy behind you.

Well I kinda talked and then we walked off. My best friend asked her a few questions and said she thought i was cute and was interested in talking. So I did, and it was going well, I was thanking my lucky stars when she said you are 16 right? I immediately said yes and she goes well I dont date younger guys and Im 18. After about a minute of talking some more, my friend and I went on.

After a while, it was about 3minutes until the game was over, we walked back over there, and while walking I heard my name and ignored it then I heard it another time or two and looked back and it was her. I asked what her name was and said it was nice exchaning names and kept on moving. And Im pretty sure after we stopped a hundred feet or so she was looking at me?.. And that was the last I saw of her.

Well tomorrow, my team is playing far away, and Im gona go to another town about 5 miles away and out of some odd timing, they're playing rc. So I'll probaly get to see her again. And I really dont know if I should talk to her and if I do, what I should say? I dont want to look like a stalker or anything. I had considered giving her a card that has my name number email and Icq number on it. And on the back saying incase you decide to make an exception to your rule.

The last of my problems is, the town is almost an hour away and I cant drive for another 3 months (12/30) but I have a really nice car.

Anyhow, does anyone have any comments?


Thanks it's much appreciated


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