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me and my girlfriend have been together for 4 years. the first year everything was ok that was until i found out that she was messing around on me with a guy in a public bathroom which included making out. seeing we were still in high school and younger then i forgave her ...i totally flipped!! ....but i forgave her


things couldnt have been better after that but then i realised things started to change. she was acting shady towards me. she treated everything like it was a big job....u know what i mean? like ooohh here we go, sex again yipee and i hae to come online to talk to u again, yeah!


now, my girlfriend is considered one of the most beautiful girls where i live. and i litterally had to beat guys off of her with a stick. but she always seemed to be really easy to trust and told me everything but all of a sudden it stopped.i am not the most buff guy ( i'm skinny and tall) and i'm not the pretty boy type ( jeans, t shirt, sneakers and i'm out the door) but women have told me that i am very handsome and dress well.


my girl got a new job the second year of our relationship at the biggest bank here. i was happy for her but at the same time i was kinda scared because it seemed too good to be true that a beautiful girl like her would be with me and i was afraid i might lose her to one of those suit and tie guys with the really nice cars. well guess what? the very first day this guy wrote her a letter sayin she was the most beautiful girl...yadda yadda yadda....and she told me about this and i figured no big deal because i'm used to this but the thing is i would hear about this guy more and more.


i hated this and questioned her if he had been still making moves on her. but she insisted that she never even talked to the guy ( when she was talkin about him all she would say is that i saw him somewhere or what he had achieved and so on. so i finally had enough and questioned her and made her admit to talkin to him..and i found out she liked the son of a ..when i asked why she said because he has ambition and dresses good all the time but she said she wanted to be with me..i asked if she would stop talkin to this guy ..she said he was just a friend and as long as she didnt do anything with him then nuthing is wrong with it.


ok so i stop hearing about the guy until new years eve of that year. we were at a party and i'm there sayin hello to her uncle and she is talkin to her girlfriends and her mom ( mother is a complete who is money hungry)

so i'm there talkin to her uncle and i hear my girlfriend say '' i'm never gonna dance again like that, my legs are killin me from dancing with kevin aka gyal who has ambition.


at that very moment our eyes meet and she sees that i heard. i totally just left her uncle talkin about his pigs and head towards my car with her chasin behind me. we argued and she swears its just a dance and she does not like him.....FAST FORWARD >>>>> ''i dont wanna be here anymore, i wanna be able to see other guys and yadda yadda yadda.... FAST FORWARD >>>>


i'm single and i realised being faithful to a woman gets u nowhere and being the nice guy makes no sense because she's gonna be with ther jerk who talks to her bad and doesnt say he loves her but says he wants to her???


so i get another girl who's totally hot in a slutty kinda way...big boobs, nice , does everything i want but i am not happy... but my ex calls me and says she wants to be with me FAST FORWARD>>>


Were together again and no longer with the slutty girl. now its even worse. she lies to me, she flirts around with guys. i ask her to do stuff with me and she curses me out because she is tired from work but she isnt too tired to go out with her friends and stuff, she visits dating sites which accordin to her is no big deal, and hey get this....the other day was my birthday and she totally just cursed me out for asking her to spend a few minutes with me...but had no problem whatsoever giving people a reason to come tell me that my girlfriend acts like she doesnt have a boyfriend on the dancefloor a few days earlier...if she can find time to do this cant i get 15 minutes?


i'm attractive, i have a good job (now) i dress the way she wants (now) and and i wat do i get ??.....a hog who treats me like ....so is there something wrong with me?? is it normal for me to create a email account and act as another guy only to find out she loves to talk about sex with other guys on the internet because according to her its no big deal if she didnt do anything and besides she says she's sorry and wont ever again...


or am i just a complete for putting up with her ......i'm really depressed, sad, angry, almost suicidal not quite yet...and i dont know what to do. i am faithful to her and i do everything that she says was a problem before but i still get bad treatment...i know i sound wimpy but i have tried everything... i did everything!!!! but nuthing seems to work... is something wrong with me?? am i too nice ....isnt there at least one woman in the world who appreciate a guy whos faithful even tho he has tons of hot girls to choose from some one help me!!!! i am going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sorry for my poor writing skills...and making this so long but there was alot more i had to write so i didnt do bad i think...i just didnt know if i had a word limit...but seriously someone help me!!!!

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I feel terrible about it now, but this sounds exactly like how I treated my ex. Everything he did drove me crazy. Sex was a chore and I would find any excuse to get out of it. Yet, I couldn't let him go. He was comfortable to me. I knew that no matter what i did, he would love me and forgive me (I cheated on him in Paris and he found out, I cheated on him with my other ex and he found out). After a while, I just fell completely out of love with him but I couldn't let him go because I couldn't see him happy with another woman. Everytime he'd try to kiss me, touch me, I'd get pissed.


I'm not saying she doesn't love you, but I am saying that she sounds a heck of a lot like me in my last relationship.


You need to let her go. Somewhere, there is a girl that will treat you as great as you treat her. Who will love you as much as you love her.

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The only thing wrong with you is that even though you are very unhappy with this girl because she is not treating you right, you still have some hope that things will work out with her and so you hold on to her. I believe that it'll be very hard for you to move on but you will find out later that you did the right thing.


You said: "i'm single and i realised being faithful to a woman gets you nowhere and being the nice guy makes no sense because she's gonna be with ther jerk who talks to her bad and doesnt say he loves her but says he wants to her???"


I totally disagree with that; being faithful to the wrong women will totally get you nowhere, you will feel differently once you find the right girl. Be careful, some nice guys turn into bad guys when they are heartbroken especially in their early relationships. It's some kind of defense mechanism, that is, they believe that its better to hurt my partner and be insensitive towards her before she hurts me. I've seen guys who have become like that, as the years go by, they become so sick of who they have become and they no longer know who they really are and it's hard to change.


As for this girl, she doesn't know what she wants and she is not committed to you and most importantly she does not value you as her partner which is basically why she is hurting you. You are better off without her. I know it's really hard, but trust me there are lots of girls out there who will love you, enjoy your company and are capable of being faithful.


Good luck and hang in there...

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ok so i think i have found the strength within me to let her go..i am going to let her know i dont want to be here anymore because i honestly cannot take being sad like this..all i did yesterday was sit and listen to depressing music and cried!!....yea cried!!....anyways i am going to end it today...my only thing is now i am thinking to myself...what after that? do i just be sad that she is gone? do i try to meet other women who can make me happy? i am scared of rejection...its really hard to approach females now because my game is like trashed from all this. i mean what do u say? hello...uum can i have your number?...i mean i dont know what to say? uuum u look nice? i'm so afraid that any woman i try to talk to now is gonna turn ex girl friend on me and say some rude crap like you are so lame and i dont need that right now u know what i mean? or hopefully some female on this forum is gonna say he seems like a nice guy and wanna talk to me...........................naaaaaah that'll never happen hahaha....hey i laughed...talking about your problems really makes u feel better. anyway someone please help me fix my game i dont really wanna talk about that girl anymore

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