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Thoughts on love and nuclear fusion

Daddy Bear

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People, they come together

People, they fall apart

No one can stop us now

'Cause we are all made of stars


Moby, "We Are All Made of Stars"



The next time you look up at the night sky, think of this lesson that the stars can teach us: most of the ones that we can see are supermassive giants, twenty or more times the size of our sun. They are visible due to the enormous amount of atomic activity that such huge balls of gas produce. We admire them and imagine them to be the stuff of love.


Yet they are doomed. Paradoxically, the largest stars have only a few million years--a short period in celestial time--before they sputter out; or, more precisely, explode into virtual nothingness. A million years from today, Orion's Belt and the Southern Cross as we know them will not exist.


Consider, then, the humble brown dwarfs. They burn quietly in the sky at a mere fifteen hundred degrees Kelvin, and we can see almost none without a telescope. They are only a tiny fraction of the size of their flamboyant neighbors, yet they will be there for tens of billions of years--a far greater time than even the age of the Universe to this point.


Can this mean anything to us, spending our days in the real world, interacting with one another on the cool surface of the Earth? It certainly can.


Infatuation is very much like the giants: hot and heavy for a short time, and then poof!, it's gone; scattering into the ether, never to be seen again. By contrast, love, real love--this calm glow is destined for a much more desirable fate, one of gentle stability and near-infinite longevity.


We are all, quite literally, made of stars--for example, the iron that your heart is pumping around in your bloodstream right now was formed in cataclysmic supernovae billions of years ago. We need love; there's little use in denying it--but let us honor our fallen ancestors by controlling our own metaphorical burning in such a way that we don't tragically flame ourselves out much sooner than needs be the case.

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good grief.

what a load of crap! hahahahahaha

i like it.

It is like saying,

The spark of Love is like a Nuclear bomb.

when it exploses within you every fibre of you being awakens.

you feel the energy run through your body and the atoms within you split causing your brain to wonder which direction to head or run to. It confuses you.

Upon detonation the rush of energy through your heart is like the way a mushroom cloud forces its way through the atmosphere.


Ok.. that is enough. I was teasing mate hahahaha

Thanks for your post, i did learn something about astromomy though.

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