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Feeling good about myself is hard work

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Evening all,


I just wanted to ask for opinions. I'm a really paranoid person and no matter how many times I get told, I never, ever believe I'm attractive.


I just don't and I don't know why I feel that way.


I feel insecure about my pale complexion, glasses and my ginger hair. These features make it hard for me to accept that people find me attractive and it bothers me a lot. I don't know how to feel comfortable about the way I look and I try and hide myself away because of it.


Does anyone know how I can feel better about myself?


Miya xx

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I suggest looking in a mirror while by yourself twice a day and saying out loud "I am beautiful" at least three times. Try to believe it, but even if you don't believe it, do it, and keep doing it until one day, when youwill find that you really do believe that you are beautiful, and you should because you ARE.

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I know how you feel...I used to do that same thing all the time, especially when I was in junior high and had THE BIGGEST glasses known to mankind. I mean, these things took up half my face, and I hated my hair, and I was short, and...well, I just didn't feel pretty. And now, even though I can more often than not look in the mirror and feel attractive, something deep down in me still doesn't believe it.


But, there are things I've done to help myself feel better. One big thing was, that last year I got rid of the gold wire-rimmed glasses I've worn since high school, and a friend helped me pick out some of those thicker black frames, a la Lisa Loeb. Ever since then, I've felt pretty hip in my glasses.


I also don't much care if other people find me attractive anymore...as long as I like myself, that's what matters.

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