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Still missing my ex.....

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I posted here a couple times.


Me and my ex had a good relationship 2 years ago. I f'ed up and he dumped me. This is a long troubling story. But to give you the short version, he would call, say he wants to work it out; and I would get burned. And sometimes I think, was I too forward, what did I do; because its so hard for me to think he could play games with my head.


2 years have passed, we hardly seen each other, and we hooked up a couple times and thats it. He asked me back one time, and defaulted on that. I was so hurt and moved on. He asked me back again 2 months ago.


OK, I knew it was BS from the beginning, I shouldve never picked up the phone but I did. We talked about getting back together and not putting all our eggs in one basket and I was just so happy.


But nothing ever happened. One day we decided to meet up at 10pm. I was getting ready at 830 and I saw I had a missed call. It was 845 and I called back multiple times, no answer. I knew right there this whole thing was a game. But I stuck in there, only to get disappointed again, and again, and again.


What pisses me off the most, out of all this BS that happened is this; we both agreed to meet a saturday, we texted each other that morning. We both got off of work at 2; and then he tells me hes going to the Keys. WHAT???? I thought we were gonna chill. He tells me he never gave me an exact time to chill and that he wouldnt be gone all day; making me feel like a total idiot. I knew it was BS once again. I never got another phone call after that. And I became so fed up, and what else can I say...this guy likes to play games with my head. And I for some reason, never want to believe that. But if someone wants to regain my trust, and be my lover again, they wouldnt have stood me up like that.


For some reason, I still think Im supposed to be with him. I changed my number and everything, I told this story before. But im hurting, even though he has no way of contacting me, I have the power to do it, BUT I WILL NEVER.


Thanks for reading my post, and i hope I get some reply.

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Oh girl, my heart goes out to you so much. I have been in your position more times than i can ever want to remember and i let it go on for nearly a whole year. People kept telling me that he was playing games and messing with my head but i wouldnt hear any of it. Even tho in my heart i knew.


All he wanted to do was to keep me interested in him so that he could feel like someone special. With you calling so many times he's probably out with his friends and showing them how obsessive you are. I know you wont want to believe it, i didnt either but it was true He made me out to be a complete obsessive ex, and to be honest, thats the way he was making me feel. I could feel my life revolving around him, not wanting to make plans with friends in the hope that at the last minute he would call and we could meet up. All he did was destroy my nights out and my chances of getting over him.


You have to BE STRONG RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Look at what he's doing to you, is this someone who deserves to get out and do what he wants plus having you incase he gets bored?? You're wasting your time on him instead of letting yourself heal and eventually find a great guy who will really love you. The more time you spend on this low life game player the longer the pain lasts. Trust me. Ive been there and did it for a whole year. A whole year of my life wasted that i'll never get back. Do it girl. Keep a calander and make a cross for every day that you dont speak to him. Try and get as many crosses in a row as you possibly can. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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