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28 weeks. 11 to go and counting down =)


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I went to the doctors today. Checkup on the pregnancy.


I am 27 weeks and 6 days along. They did another ultrasound, which is very cool looks like he will be doing it every time I go. She looks so cute in there! WEll, I guess only a mama would think an xray type image is cute but I love her so what can I say.


Blood pressure and weight is good but .......


ugh! Last time I went they did a glucose test and it came back abnormal. He basically told me I failed it. Now, I have to go to the hospital's lab sometime within the next few days to find out if I have gestational diabetes.... Im kinda freaking out about this and I hope that it isnt so!


So wish me luck if anyones out there listening (reading). Teh CSEction has been planned for 8 am on Dec 20th, unless I go in labor before that. So looks like only about 11 weeks to go!

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Im hoping its nothing to worry about. With my first two pregnancies I had no problems like that, and her weight is normal so far, 2 and a half pounds!


Wow she is so little and so big at the same time!


Plus, I was sooo hungry and I wasnt thinking that I stopped at Taco Bell and got myself a grilled stuffed burrito and ate it on the way to the doctors two weeks ago.. Bad girl I know.... I told him that, U see I was supposed to fast for 12 hours before this but I was starving!


When I ate it I wasnt thinking, and I had ate almost the whole thing and thought oooops, because I wasnt supposed to eat. He said that could have interfered with the test but he still wants me to go to the lab to have futher testing... So Im crossing my fingers.

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Do you have to do the 3-hour tolerance test? If you do, make sure you go FIRST THING in the morning. I woke up, puttered around, goofed off, and didn't wind up getting to the hospital for my test until 10 in the morning. After all the paperwork, etc., the starting time of my test was 10:30. I didn't get to eat until almost 2 in the afternoon!


Also, my 28-week tolerance test was a little high, that's why I had the 3-hour test. It was fine. Your burrito probably threw you off, naughty girl. But, if you do have gestational diabetes, I hear it's pretty manageable. My good friend had it and she shared several nummy recipes with me while I was freaking out about having GD.


Good luck - let us know how it goes!

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Hey SouthernGirl, did they just do a blood draw or a tolerance test?


If it was a blood draw, I have no doubt that that is why your blood glucose was high. A post prandial (after meal) glucose reading not only varies greatly but if they were expecting a fasting blood glucose and you ate, then you would have blown throught the range for the fasting. Did the doc know you ate? And what did you have to drink? Do you remember the level?


I can't believe you only have 11 more weeks!!! AWESOME.

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Yeah, it was a blood draw and I had to drink this sickening sweet suger drink before the test.


Doc didnt know Id eaten anything, but now he knows. Either way I still have to go for the 3 hour test soon. Im going to call them today though to see if they can possibly do this test on saturday.

I dont want my hubby to have to miss work to take me, and sure I could go by myself but I have my son too to think about 20 months old...


I cant imagine being cooped up in a doc office with a 20 month old for 3-4 hours and no one to help me. Wish I didnt have to take this test but doc said I have to do it.




Yes I cant wait to have her, its going to be overnight!!!!! Im on pins and needles too I have a bassinet on the way from link removed I love it, its so cute... Look here to see what it is.. link removed It was only 39.99 too, cheap is good for me I hate spending money.


My favorite thing about it, is that its got these wicker baskets underneath it that will be great for storage. Now, I ordered the bassinett and sheets that come with it. UPS delivered the sheets yesterday but no cradle! HAHA!


So I hope the bassinet comes soon and then I can stop pacing watching for a UPS truck to come.

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I know of some women who undergo that test and they get really queezy and out of it afterwards so I think hubby should prolly be there for safe measure Besides, this is such a fun time for both of you. The bassinet IS SUPER CUTE! I might have to get one, too, because it looks sort of Easter-festive which is when my little one is due!!! I love it when you share your shopping finds!!!

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Yeah probally about 4 or 5 months and then I will move her to her crib. Her and my 20 month old will be sharing a room, its already set up though.


I have his crib so thats what she will use and he is already in his toddler bed accross the room. I want to have her in my room with me though at first because that will make it easier on me with those up all night times when she keeps waking. Less room for me to travel to tend to her.


I found the carseat I want too but thats going to have to wait till next week to order, cause I cant go over my shopping budget haha link removed


- My husband said to have fun buying things like this online cause thats less time he has to go to the store with me! Things like clothes and little stuff I have been buying at the store though. With only 11 weeks to go its time to buy the bigger things. A few weeks ago we got a changing table/dresser for her but we bought it on sale at walmart, I never had a changing table before... I allways used the couch, or my bed or even the floor so this will be different having an actual changing table to use!


--- yeah the stuff they make me drink when I do the 3 hour test is probally going to make me sick, plus they will draw blood for the test, so I dont really want to go unless my husband is there to drive and all.

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