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Oh, those dirty things that pop up!


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My ex and I are currently trying to work things out and get back together. My story can be found on this forum with more details, but the long and short of it is...


Been together for 3.5 yrs. I got comfortable, and she couldn't take it. Found herself a little replacement while I was away visiting my family. Came back, and are now trying to fix things.


This other guy is constantly being a pain in my side. Granted, as far as I know, she hasn't seen him since I've been back... claims to not like him in that way, and says he gave her (this was a 1 week period, only a week, lol) the attention I never did, and made her feel wanted.


It's been 1 month since I've been back. They still text each other, which irritates me, but im finding out alot of things...


This guy actually lived in the condo complex that we do. She met him there, since he was so gracious to come to my friggin door to tell me her car lights were still on.


While I was away, her and her friends, and him and his friends went to the bar MY COUSIN owns... and she has the nerve to ask my 'why was your cousin acting like a * * * * to me?'. Get a clue!


She comes to my condo (ive asked her to move out since I got back), to take a shower, and then have her girlfriends pick her up. She claimed she wanted to stay, but her friends had already drove down to meet her and they were mad that she didn't want to go... so she felt obligated to do so...

PROBLEM - the car that picked her up, is DIFFERENT than what her friend drives. I called her after she left, 4 times, and she didn't answer. Sent her a text... no reply... not until 6 hours later. She claimed her cell was on vibe and that she didn't check her phone till the next day.


I'll tell you all something... TRUST NO ONE! My ex does the cute little thing of 'ommiting' certain things that I should know... that way, it isn't considered lying. Devious if you ask me!


All of you who are trying to get back with your ex, and they give you all the text book excuses not too... know there is another person involved. Know that you ARE NOT getting all the information that you have a right too, and know that it TRULY, TRULY is best that YOU realize that YOU are better than that... YOU dont deserve that kind of uncertainty.


Oh i was taken for the ride of my life. It aint so cut and dry as I make it appear. This girl was GOOD.


TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCT... cause 9 out of 10 times, YOU ARE CORRECT. Don't fool yourself into thinking, 'oh, well thats not like him/her. She wouldnt do that. I trust her because she loves me.'


HORSE CRAP. Listen to the tons and tons of advice on this site. These are people, now just like me, who have been through it. Cut your losses and move on.


Oh man, what a doosie!

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First off, and this sounds crazy. But congrats... You know what I mean when I say that. It was an amazing day when I got most of the pieces of my "puzzle" together and figured out what was going on. I got taken advantage of, and taken for a wild ride.


I'm glad you realized that when you sit at your computer and you hear someone tell you "getting back doesnt usually work" and you want to prove it wrong- that usually they are right.


But in any case, you are MOST definitely correct about what I quoted from you.


Stay strong, I'm glad to see another join "reality" after a break up.

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Hey man, what an unfortunate situation. But I can say that I'm happy to hear that it seems like you're definitely going to do okay. It seems like you have your head right in which direction that you need to go. It definitely sounds like a very fishy situation to me, and just the simple fact that she found that replacement to begin with is enough to leave her high and dry.


Stay strong man and do the right thing. I know you have it in you.

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