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Poem to Myself


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I hate it when you hold back

And don't know what to say

I hate it when you fail with grades

It takes so many days

To bring things back up again

Can I win?

I'm not stimulated- it's hard to succeed

And socially, I am lonely

Sexy girl- I know I am

Kristin Cavalerri mixed with Gwen Stefani

But I don't express myself with clothing

I've found I play it safe

Always trying to imitate

Who I imagine makes no mistakes


It's a person in my head

Elvish stance, bright green eyes

She's mainly gothic, at least at night

And she cries to the stars to what she doesn't understand

If God was once a man

SHe thinks he'd understant


What would a happy person do now?

What would they say?

How I can be healthy

And keep it that way?

Where do I go on a winding road

Nothing is gained for long

I look into my puppy's face

Jasmin always wishes to play

I'm too lazy and I hate myself for that wall

I can't propell any part of myself forward


But I'm trying

I'm not dying

So I 'm hiding

I'll try to recreate myself

I'll come to you God

Can't do it alone

THis is me speaking to you now

You're in my soul

I'll keep you a part of my world

Whether others believe

You're real to this girl


I don't regret anything.

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