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do guys live for the moment?


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I think this is true to a certian extent, yes. However, this isn't a fault, it's just the way a lot of guys are.


Like: if a guy is lying or conniving to get you in bed, telling you that he wants to be with you, misleading you into thinking you'll have a relationship, then he's a jerk.


But: if you sleep with a guy and he makes no promises, then don't hold it against him if he never calls you again.


Or: Some guys won't sleep with anyone they're not serious about.


Finally: it's OK to sleep with a guy whenever you darn well please. Just don't expect anything out of it. Depending on the guy, this may or may not hinder your chances of a relationship. In my personal book, I wouldn't ever sleep with someone who would hold it against me, meaning, it would hurt my chances of a relationship with him, if that's what I wanted.


I'm just going to guess, but I'm probably way older than you and have been in many relationships in my life, some serious, some not. When I was young and inexperienced, I never slept with anyone until they were serious about me. I suggest you do the same until you feel comfortable with the idea of more casual sex.


That said, some people never are comfortable with the idea of casual sex, and that's a-OK, too. Whatever works for you. Just be sure you're ALWAYS comfortable and in control of whatever situation you're in, and you'll be fine.

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I know of several guys who just don't DO one night stands, and have no respect for women who do.


My boyfriend didn't have sex with me for the first 4 months of our relationship, even though we were together in the same bed 1-3 nights a week.


He did this out of respect to me, and because he wanted a relationship with me.


He frequently talks about how much sex means to him, and he always wants to talk about his feelings or cuddle afterwards.


And yes, he is entirely straight!

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i know that when i was younger, yes it was "a one night stand" but also there was no expectations either.... As it is now, that i am older i see things differantly, and would only be intimate with a woman that i felt deeply for and looked having a relationship with down the line....but i would have to truly feel something for that woman....

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You cant say that all guys live in the moment because some do not. It will all depend on the guy. Sex can mean something or it can mean nothing it all depends on what you want with the girl. There are guys who are more emotional and there are those guys who are able to separate emotions from sex.

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