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IF you are very depresset read this:


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your depresst if your reading this i hope it helps

i know quite a bit about hating life and that sort of stuff as i hated mine very badly.


well a long time ago i gave up completely everything was going rong my dad had walked completely outa my life and loads of other things.

i never tryed to kill myself i will say but i honestly didnt care if i lived or died

i walked out in frount of cars i was almost hit countless times, i risked my life with all sorts. but i found help my friends helped me and i got over it and now i love life!

it all depends on your out look on life for exsample


you think god hates you/ ignores you = everything seem to be bad for you and good for everyone else


you think life is great = it is!!! honestly when my outlook changed it was al going right for me!


people dont think god is out to get your or anything like that he isnt (if it helps tell yourself there isnt an higher power you are in tottal control)


dont comit suicide or even think about it life always has its ups and downs for everybody

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I know god dosen't hate me or ignore me. How is know this is simple: There is no God or angles or anything like that. In life, all you have is yourself and once you die your dead. That's it and nothing more. Knowing this, you must make the best of your life, because once you end it there is no after life to look forward to. My reason for staying alive is my fiance. If it wasn't for her, I could care less if I lived or died.

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