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girls only!why wont she reveal herself to me???


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im 19 years old.ive been goin with a girl for about 3 months now shes great and im thankful to have her. first off we havent had actual sex yet...weve done other stuff and were both satisfied.neways my question is well weve done numeros stuff in bed...but she never lets me see her vagina. ill ask her could i see you and shell always say "a different time baby" or if were doin somethin sexual and i take her pants off she always covers herself. shes seen wat i look like tons of times. i dont wanna keep prying on her. its jus that ive touched her so many times that i wanna see it. it seems like shes jus really self conscious about it? how can i get her to show me it?

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OMG.... please don't push her or insist or throw tantrums about it... less of it blackmail her...


She's self conscious, maybe she feels like it looks ugly or something -is only probably her imagination-. That's very very common for many of us. Is probably cultural, girls are educated thinking that what's between the legs is dirty, untouchable, ugly and a shame. So don't be surprised that the girl you are with, or others have that kind of feeling in the back of their heads. I know, is screwed up, but that's how society works. They teach you to feel like that and then expect you to be a super confident, liberal and sexual goddess in bed... (eff it!).


Don't take it personal. Be patient until she's ready, there's not really anything else you can do about it.


why wont she reveal herself to me???


She's having sex with you. That's pretty "revealing" for us girls... unless you're taking it super literal, and expect her to spread infront of you like a pornstar or sumthin'... I don't think that's ever gonna happen dude.

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It takes time for a woman to feel comfortable in her skin.


I sure used to be very shy about my body and I would never let anyone see.


With time, I became more comfortable, but if you keep asking her to see, she is going to pull away even more.


Make sure you make her feel safe and with time, she will open up.


And be sure to tell her how beautiful she is to you often so she can feel more like letting go of her fears.


Hugs, Rose

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I'm pretty sure I know exactly how your girlfriend feels. The first time my boyfriend went to take off my bra I stopped him. But then a few minutes later he put his hand down my trousers and I was fine with it. I didn't care if he touched...as long as he couldn't see anything. I am REALLY self-conscious. I really don't think I'm attractive, no matter what anyone tells me. And its not just one of those things I say to make people say "yeah you are". I honestly think I'm unattractive. So letting my boyfriend see my body completely really was a big worry for me.


I've never got over my self-consciousness but I am now comfortable around my boyfriend. There are still a couple things I don't feel too comfortable but not many. The way I got over it all was by just going slowly. My boyfriend was really understanding and just kept reassuring me by telling me I'm beautiful and that he loves me. You need to make sure your girlfriend knows how you feel about her even if she doesn't think the same (I know my boyfriend thinks I'm beautiful, and I believe that he feels that way, but I really don't think I am.). Take it slow with her, don't pressure her into it. Eventually she will feel comfortable enough to let you see her "bits".


A lot of girls think that the vagina is a truly horrible looking thing (I feel that way), so maybe that is also part of your girlfriends problem. She may feel that if you see it, you will be disgusted and not be attracted to her anymore. Its all just to do with how comfortable she is with her body.


Keep reassuring her and don't pressure her. Maybe don't mention it for a while. Then, instead of asking if you can see it, ask if you can go down on her. That way you'll be able to see it (providing its not too dark) and she won't feel as though you are just gunna sit there staring at it. But if she says no to that then still don't push her. Just try to understand she isn't comfortable about it and she needs time.


Hope this helps!

Jess xxxx

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