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how did i end up here?..

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im doing better not there 100% yet but doing ok..well i was until today


why does he continue to lie.


how do people just fall out of love..and why didnt i see it coming


and why does he assume the grass is greener ..


when does the hurt go..


i hate being alone...especially wkends..


how did my life end up here..


what makes her so much better than me.(nothing)


why does he want to be with her and not me


when will i stop having bad days


how is it the months have past so fast..yet i dont feel to have moved far


when do i stop loving him


hey everyone thanks for reading..just having another offf day and venting.


why do i have so many questions that will go unanswered

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It's hard to say why he left you for somoeone else.


He sounds like a huge jerk though and chances are, he's going to find someone he thinks is better than the girl he's with now and she's going to end up just like you.


Unfortunantely, you might never find out the answers. He probably doesn't even know. All you can do is try your best to realize that you deserve so much better than him.. and be happy he's no longer your problem..


I'm sorry you are hurting so much though..

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I know it's hard, I went through it too, not a day went by that I wasn't thinking of him. But after each day, just think, you made it through another one. He might come back and he might not. But you've lived without him before, you can do it again. I'm not saying don't think about him, that would be impossible, I know it would, just look around, there are more ppl probably checking you out while you're looking down at your feet. Just be open minded.

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Hey hun, First off, all of those questions, throw out the window.


They don't need to be answered. It's over. You don't want to hurt anymore, and you certainly don't want those answers.


You might wake up every morning, and think about it every weekend, and wonder, WHY? WHEN? You'll feel like nothing is working, that everything stable is gone, and came crashing down.


Well think of it on the bright side. Atleast you don't have to endure someone for any longer who doesn't think the universe of you. Because regardless of what you think or feel like at this point. You SHOULD be thought the universe of. You should be love, you should be smiling, and you WILL be okay.


Time flies, and pain seems to go half speed, and while in self reflection, you don't see the change, others can. Your moving past it, you just maybe haven't found the catalyst to get it moving quicker.


But mark my words, and take it as gospel from a total stranger who DOES care-


You will wake up one morning, maybe not tomorrow, or next month, but you wake up and won't hurt. You will be over it, you will smile and you will be thankful you lived through it and learned it all. No trumpets will sound, no angels will fly, no announcement will be made, but your heart will know.



Hang in there girl- You've gotta go low to go up.

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thank you for your replies.it really does mean alot


and your right it is one step forward , two back


i wonder sometimes how low do i have to go?..


but i know your right..once ive hit rock bottom the only way is up..


thank you again , hard to believe ive reached my age and never been dumped..lol..


sad though that it is by the man i loved more than anything.

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Hey Jue!


What your going through is soooo much like what I went through (and what we all go through). You probably have nights where you lay in bed, and for the life of you, can't stop thinking about your ex...and you see his name (or a word that looks like his name) and your heart starts to beat fast and you get nervous...JUE, TRUST ME! I just went through ALL of what you're going through right now, and it gets better. There were times when I was so low, that I thought I'd never get back up again...I thought I'd never feel happy again...EVER!


Everyone I talked to said the same thing-time will heal it, but I never believed it...they would tell me don't worry, it will go away one day.

TRUST ME-BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT IT WILL!!! I GUARANTEE IT! Sometimes, all you need is a little encouragement from someone to say that you can do it! JUE, YOU CAN DO-YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT!



I PROMISE!!!!!!! If you wanna know what things I went through and what I did, PM me!



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