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(Not really sure if this fall under Attraction and flirting)


What do you do when the person you have a crush on drives you nuts? Like sometimes you just can't get them out of your head and you just feel like you want to blurt out your feelings, but you fight the urge and stop yourself.


There's a girl in my class thats doing just that (driving me wild). I study with this girl alot along with a couple of her friends, however most conversation that's produced is about school, like how'd you do on the last quiz, what did you get for number 3, etc. Occasionally a little bit of small-talk will arise. I have no idea if she has any interest or not.


I don't know what to do. Should I tell her?

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Yeah, telling her how you feel now is way too soon. It would just be kind of awkward. And why do some people wait till they date a person THEN get to know them? Your convos won't always be about school if you don't let it. Ask her casually how her weekend was. What music does she like? Any pets? That'll get her talking for sure. Take it from there and get to know her better before you pull any stunts.


good luck! =)

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