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Hey everyone.. One smoke related topic. My boyfriend is smoking a lot, almost a pack a day. I'm not a smoker myself but it's usually never a problem for me if other people smoke, it's just him. I'm very worried about his health. He's still young but he just smokes more and more. It hurts me to see how he damages himself every day and increases cancer risk in future. He doesn't care about it and he's propably tired of my nagging every now and then (I try not to do it too often though).

It also would be harder for him to stop because his all family smokes and most friends as well, I just don't know what to do.

There's propably no good solution but maybe some of you have had a similar situation..


Thanks so much Aricela

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Hey There,


This is a tough one. It sounds as though you have tried talking to your bf about this, and right now, he's just not interested in quitting. You could try printing off some articles on the net (with pictures) about what smoking does to you.... (I'm in nursing school and I can tell you that smoking is one of the worst things a person can do to themselves in terms of long term health damage), but you could then also tell him that if he quits early enough, alot of the damage he's done to his lungs already can be reversed.


Be prepared though, he may not be ready to hear this information, or to consider quitting. For some it takes a long time, and others never want to quit. If this is the case, than you have to decide if you want to partner up with someone who has a habit that you feel strongly against.


Good luck!

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