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i KNOW this girl likes me but EVERYTIME i see her she DOES NOT pay ANY attention to me (never ever ever looks at me ,or when i talk to her she only gives me one word answers then leaves) I AM GOING CRAZY. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO that wont take any of my pride away? im 30 years old now i cant stand these kids games. you women are crazy.

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99% confident she's been tripped up in the past by a guy she really liked and whom she thought liked her.


we are crazy - as we operate and think completely differently to you guys.

we think you lot are crazy!!


I'm not sure what advise to give. Does she know you like her for sure? Why not lay it down - "i like you - lets go for a drink"...what is the worse she can do? say no? so what!! you'll be no worse off.


Its all games....attraction, flirting and dating. I don't know why we bother with the games...but our past experiences tell us to "play it cool" and not "chase"


if you don't chase - likely hood - she'll think you don't like her. Then you've really blown it.



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