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not sure what to do or talk about


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hi, theres this girl that i like at the gym that i workout at, i was able to meet her and introduce myself no problem, but i'm not to sure on what else to do, like today, i just asked her how she was and she said good how are you and i said i'm fine so i asked how her college was going and she said pretty good except i almsot fell asleep in class today, and i said ya soudns like my day, and we jsut kinda talked about ehr school, like what shes studying and stuff like that, i asked if she had a myspace and she doesn't and i didnt wanna ask for a phone number right then this was only the 2nd day i talked to her, so we mainly talekd about her school and things about it cause i had thought about goin there so she wrote me down a web address to check it out and ya.. we didnt talk much, plus she was working, so i didnt wanna take up alota her time and before i left i jsut said i'll seeya thursday, and she said ok seeya, she doesnt wonder off when she talks tho, i pretty much keep ehr intrest, but what all do I talk about with her shes 19 and i'm 17 and i'm not sure what all to talk about, and how soon is too soon to ask for a phone number or date? and with that, how lnog should i wait for both of those to take place? any help appreciated, thanks

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