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...and i must say im doing ok! i get little bursts of depression but it dont last long, got some good friends to talk with, plus alot of reading off of enotalone helps too... just got a new satalite so ill be watchn lots of tv as i work out...


NC is tough but it helps to heal the heart and the soul... as long as i keep myself occupied with things, n not on my ex then ill be groven lol... actually come to think of it, not talking to my ex means i dont no wut is going on in her life which saves on alot of heart ache, i dont need to no that shes talking to other guys and stuff like that so i blocked her on msn too so i dont need to hear it....


at the same time as i move on and heal i have a piece inside of me that hopes shes kinda suffering and wondering wut IM upto since ive disappeard ... considering she had me as a "friend" to talk to.... she even went as far as to say that she doesnt think of me so she wont miss me.... well like i said im moving on nicely but i have this bitterness inside that hopes she is missing me now and wondering wut has happened to me...

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well its been about 4 or 5 days of NC now... last night(friday) i played a crazy soccer game with the boys from high school, anyways i was totally wiped after and decided to stay home for the night, i took a shower and fell asleep as soon as i sat down...


i ended up getn a txt msg on my phone @ 2am... it woke me up, i thought it might have bin 1 of my buddies but it was my ex... the txt read "r u still alive?"


we havent seen eachother since the break up, bin about a month i believe lol im not even sure now, its like im slowly forgetn her and everthing bout her, n like i said NC for like 5 days, i blocked her on my msn, n her friends... so i dont really no wut to do now? should i say something in response to her txt?

i think that if i dont then she will become angry with me and just never talk to me again.... not that it really matters i guess lol

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