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Birth Control Options (Ladies, help!)


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So I came to this website in complete emotional pain about 2.5 years ago and now have found myself in a new, invigorating relationship. Yeah!!!


Now the problem is condoms. I tried Yasmin for about a year awhile back and aside from it affecting me athletically (lower energy) and eating everything in site, it boosted my sex drive. In fact, I had my first wham bam orgasm on it, but I haven't touched Yasmin in a long time so I don't know if that was a freak situation. My doc said that he often prescribes Yas for those with low sex drive, but I've heard the opposite from my friends who are on it. Any others with opinions on it?


The other options I've read about are diaphragms and cervical caps. So I would also like to hear from anyone who have used those. I figured those combined with withdrawel would ensure we don't have kids before we're ready.


And before anyone suggests it, we've both had complete STD testing.


Thanks for all/any advice and opinions.

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Well, different meds effect different people in different ways.


If you had that reaction to yasmin the first time around, it may be the same reaction again. It wouldnt hurt to try if you didnt mind the side effects =)


Example.. When I was on depo shot, it made me gain weight, have rapid mood swings, and I never stopped bleeding... Where other woman report that they never have a period.


So yeah whats normal for you may be abnormal for someone else.

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Dear Kookie,


Yay for the new relationship!


On birth control options:


The pill (tried a few different ones over a period of 4 years) didn't work for me, so now I have a copper coil (IUD), and for me that's the perfect solution.


The pros:

- no hormones (v. important for me given how i reacted to the pill)

- no pills to forget, or rubbery things to ignore in the heat of the moment, the coil is always there

- 99% protection, as good as the pill with perfect use


The cons:

- heavier periods. If you're already heavy, this is not for you

- having it fitted is quite painful - but on the bright side only needs to be done once every 5 years


The cautions:

- it does not protect against STIs. You and your fella need to get checked out (if you've not already done so) before abandoning rubbery protection

- I've heard doctors in some places won't fit them in women who haven't had a child. Three of my friends, none of us mothers, have them and it hasn't caused problems for any of us, so see if you can convince a doctor to give you one anyway if they're difficult about it

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I'm on the Nuvaring and I love it! You only need to insert it into your vagina once a month so it's really convenient. I don't have any side effects at all such as moodswings or weight gain (although I'm pretty active - I work out 2-3 times a week). You should ask your gyno about it on your next visit. I've heard two people that got pregnant while they were on the patch so I wouldn't recommend that . . . plus it has the highest risk in blood clots. The good thing about Nuvaring is that it has low dosage and it's just as effective as the other birth control methods.

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