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Self Worth


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Great question! Hmmm....


- Integrity - Their actions match their words/values.

- Compassion - They see the world in terms of "We" not "I"

- Courage - They do what's right, even if it's painful, inconvenient, and difficult.

- They have a tendency to see and look for the good in others.

- They pursue a greater good above their own personal gain.

- They're forgiving and willing to admit when they they're wrong.

- They're problem solvers (do-ers) vs. whiners/complainers.

- They treat others with love and respect, even though they may not always receive the same.


Note: I admire these qualities because I have so few of them...

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I agree with ultraviolet. Integrity, compassion, honesty and how they treat other people.


The last one is probably the most important to me. I think treating other people like they are worth something makes you worthy of being treated the same.

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I judge my self-worth on:


- Positive actions that make the world a better place for humans and animals. This is why I'm involved with animal advocacy and social justice causes - and for that matter, eNotalone.


- Professional accomplishments. Specifically, did I work industriously and efficiently today? If so, I feel a lot better about myself.


- Physical health. If I follow a healthful diet and exercise, I also feel better about myself.


All these things respectively take compassion, determination, and discipline. I definitely judge myself on those three qualities more than any others. If I come short in any of them in any way, that's when I'm probably going to beat myself up a bit.

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I related my idea of self worth to attractiveness, probably above everything else.. probably because I'm an amputee (I have an ostomy bag) so that gets me down a lot


I find it hard to stop judging myself about physical looks, and I am incredibly hard on myself. I think we are all harder on ourselves than we would be on each other.


I'm seen as pretty bright in my family/friends, because of qualifications and stuff, and that means zilch to me. It's not something I particularly value in myself, nor is it something I crave in others. I like people to have integrity, make me laugh and me quirky - formal qualifications do absolutely nothing for me.


N83, I can see how having an ostomy bag would obviously get you down, and may be one of the most obvious things about you to you. The only thing I can say is that when my brother had one, his wife remained as devoted to him as ever, it made absolutely no difference to her feelings for him. I think it's something that would not register at all with someone who truly cared for you.


Interesting question, though - thanks!

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Honey Pumpkin -

Thank you soooo much for your response and for sharing the story about your brother.. That really meant a lot to me to read. Try to recognize that your accomplishments are uniquely your own... and you've achieved them with your own struggles.. I wish I knew what else to say but I don't because I feel the same way as you sometimes

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