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I like being alone... She doesn't


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Hey (again)


Since I found this site I have posted one of my problems but here is another.


It's not nearly as bad as my first, this one if more annoying than bad.


I've been with my gf for almost 16 months now, we met in our first year of high school, at that time I had met new people (Including her) so of course I always wanted to get out of the house and do stuff with my friends, but as I get older I don't seem to be happy constantly around my friends, they seem to get bothersome after a while. My gf, now, no lie, we have seen eachother every single day since mid-june, not one day has gone by when we didn't see eachother. I love being around her, but sometimes I like to be alone and just do my own thing, I don't openly tell her that I don't want to goto her house because I just want "alone" time instead sometimes I make up excuses like "I'm Tired" and sometimes she says something like "You can sleep at my house" or something around those lines.


It makes me feel horrible sometimes because she always wants to see me and she's always inviting me over when alot of the time I would rather be alone at home.


Can anybody help me with this?

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I think it's great you want to be alone sometimes.


It shows that you are independent whilst also a strong relationship partner.


A relationship should never complete a person but a person should give out of abundance in one.


I think you should discuss with her about how you feel about having time to yourself.


It will allow your relationship to grow and flourish even more.


Hugs, Rose

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the key to a good relationship is communication. Simply tell her that you love her and love spending time with her, however SOMETIMES you want to be you, just you, by yourself. Nothing against her, but sometimes you just want to chill and do your own thing. If she cant handle that maybe shes the super clingy type which isnt cool. Plus she should want to do her own thing once in a while too.

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