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Strange or stupid situation for me... Need some advices

Some dude

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I study in conservatorium... just started from 1 september... 1 time a week I go to study in a class theory of music... I got a little interested in one girl who is with me in this class... She seemed to be a little interested in me too... we look at each other in the time of lessons and talk with each other with not a little interest in the break time... She smiles to me much too and everything goes great... When the lesson finished I went to take my bike and I saw her walking home on a different way then she usually does... I came closer to her because wanted to go with her but she said "Bye" I did a circle with my bike and said to her "Actually I came to say hi" and asked her if it's ok if I come with her and she said "It's ok I dont care.." I was walking with my bike together with her we were talking and I felt like I disspointed her in something... Well I'm sensetive and a little shy but I don't know the situation anymore... She told me that actually she has to meet a friend now (I somehow doubt now that it's true..maybe she just wanted that I go as fast as possible?) after a while of walking together she asked my sign.. I said to her Tourus.. asked her too she said Scorpion... then she said I always ask people what sign they are... and a little more time she told me that she usually doesn't like when people go to walk with her together...then she had to go to totaly different direction from my home and we just said "Bye" to each other... Sorry of my terrible english I just want to describe that I really don't understand this situation... Maybe she played with me or something? And I lost in this game? She was really kind of interested and looked really much in my eyes during the lesson... So did I... Or maybe I did mistake somewhere... Better I had to go when she said to me "Bye" but I didn't really understand what she meant with it... But anyway... Why?


Hope somebody will give me some tip, advice or anything to make me understand this more.

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Welcome to enotalone.


Maybe she's needs longer to talk to people in college before she starts to get to know them outside. She probably just needs her confidence building up.


She asked you about your birth sign...well that usually means that she's seeing if the two of you can be friends. Maybe she's had bad experiences with people in the past so instead of wasting time getting to know them and then finding out they're not nice to her she asks their star signs first.


You said she was heading in a different direction to the one she usually goes in, maybe she had to go somewhere she didn't want to go, e.g. her parents said she had to go to a realitves house or maybe she had to go to the dentists.


I don't think it's anything you've done so don't worry.

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