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Found my reasons..but what do they actually mean?


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Everyone tries to figure out what the reasons are for their break up. She broke up with me twice. Tonight will be the second time. The first time she broke up with me was because her family problems overwhelmed her emotions for me which i figured out later that this was true. We got back together after 2 weeks of break up after she said she had feelings for me again. She wanted to get back together with me, which i agreed. Now today, after another 2 weeks of being together, she says these exact words after i asked her for a reason for breaking up with me. "I don't know if I can be with someone if my feelings are so inconsistant. I guess. I just don't like how we work together. My feelings keep changing." So I found my reasons for her breaking up with me. Now what do they actually mean? I only ask this because last night we went out with a group of friends and had lots of fun. She expressed to me how much she loved me that night, if you catch my drift. So this is totally nonunderstandable to me. How can someone say I love you the night before and the next day say, I don't want to be with you anymore? All opinions are open, just help me please.

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