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i'm mildly disturbed about something dumb, and i guess i'm just looking for people to reinforce that i'm being dumb, 'cause i already know.


i've been in a great relationship, the best i've ever had, for about ten months now. we're both head over heels in love, despite the fact that our relationship started in an odd way (i was engaged, in a reluctantly - on my part - "open relationship" that didn't work out, my current boyfriend - i'll call him "sam" - was one of the "other men" that my former partner - i'll call him "billy" - knew about, and after that engagement with billy dissolved, i went on to have a great monogamous relationship with sam).


i had a crush on sam for about a month and a half before billy told me to "go for it" and make out with him. sam was a co-worker and friend of mine, but not friends with billy.


the three of us had had a casual conversation about sex one night after work, and sam relayed a story to me and billy, who were still dating, about how he'd had a great one night stand (which was unusual for him). i felt a mild twinge of jealousy, because i had a crush on sam, but knew that it was stupid, since i was with billy anyway.


i mostly forgot about it after awhile, when billy and i broke up and i started seriously dating sam. sam and i have been very happy, and he is totally a one-woman man, never having given me any reason to be jealous or anything.


here's the twist:


sam and i were out having drinks last night and i was telling him about my quirky english professor and how the prof was telling us about his daughter who lives in another state, and sam asks what my professor's name is, and when i told him he was like "oh my god, i totally slept with her around christmas when she came to visit." and i put two and two together and asked him if she was that one night stand he had mentioned so long ago, and he said yes.


he never plans to see her again - this wasn't a friend or anything, just a chance occurrence. but my professor's daughter?! (and from prof's pictures, she's kinda hot)


too weird of a small-town coincidence, and i feel like i might feel uncomfortable in class knowing that now.


i'm totally happy with him, and i know i'm being dumb, 'cause it was before we ever dated and i was with someone else at the time anyway -- but emotions are weird. i know this will wear off in a minute, but for now, i feel like every time my prof talks about his family, i'll picture my man getting it on with someone else.


ugh, i'm retarded. sympathy will be appreciated.

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You arent retarded. Emotions are natural and healthy and they need to run their course. Yes its a small strange world, but it happened. Its one of life's oopsies. You are in a great relationship now, I wouldnt worry about it. It would get to me too, like it is you, but after a bit I would just laugh it off. After all you got him, she didn't.

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