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what am i feeling?


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so things are going great between me and the girlfriend. though we had a rift last night. we were having a conversation about her older brother and his friend. and suddenly she tells me that one time, 2 years ago, she made out with her older brother's friend while they were drinking. it completely caught me off-guard.


we've had fights about this. apparently we see things a bit different. she can kiss and make out and do sexual things (besides sex) with people she doesn't have feelings for. i'm talking about when she's SINGLE. and that completely bothers me. because to me, i take those things very meaningfully. so whats the big deal, right? it's not like she's single anymore, she's with me. heres the problem..


my brain goes into alert mode because of that. i start judging my trust with her and i worry. i've heard SO many stories of her making out, doing sexual things with people. sometimes happening when she's been drinking. and i worry about that. cheating especially. and now i worry about her drinking. it's making me hit my head against the wall. it bothers me..


i talked about it with her and she assures me she will never cheat on me. she has never given me a reason not to trust her. and that she'll never do anything to hurt me. it's just my brain making me feel so judgemental. i get angry and feel like she's a * * * * * who drinks and makes out with guys and it pisses me off.


a bit extreme eh? what the hell is this?


thank you

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my brain goes into alert mode because of that. i start judging my trust with her and i worry.


I am the same way, most of us like to be with partners who are sexual and enjoy sex but when your partner has a promiscuous streak then my alarm would go off too. I guess you have to take a look at the rest of her character and figure out how important fidelity is for her.

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I have a promiscuous streak a mile wide. Perhaps even 5 miles wide.


However, I have kept my hands to myself (to put it bluntly) and succeeded in months of fidelity to my boyfriend. It really wasn't as hard for me as I thought it would be....because I discovered this thing called..urm..Love!


Love! means that whatever she's done, she won't do it if she loves you. It's as simple as that, I promise.

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