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I have a friend who is having a problem, now I already gave her an opinion of mine, but I want to see if I was right.


Basically, she(my friend) is in college and he is in high school back home. Its about 3 hours away so they have spent just about every weekend together. This past weekend she brought him up here for a game and he satyed out til 6am that morning, with a friend, and was alseep the way up there. She asked if he wouldn't fall asleep on the way back, but he did. When they got back, she went to sleep and he went out and stayed out until 7am, with the same friend. Even after she asked him not to. She asked why he was able to stay up and he said because the sleep he got on the way down was enough to stay awake (It was about 2-3 hours of sleep). They have an argument about it the next day and she drops and they watch a movie and he falls asleep again. Then the next day, he fell asleep after calling her in the middle of the day and waking her up from a nap. He then didn't call her back for another couple of hours because he said he was doing stuff on the computer.


I kept some details out, but I put everything important in there, some of it may not make sense because I left some details out. Now I know this may not horribly wrong, but what got me is that this is a LDR. He should be doing everything he can with her while he still can, but he is spending his time sleeping and whatnot.


What do yall think?

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It was one-weekend. Sure they need to spend mucho time together. But he has other friends too. Yes, Im not saying I wouldn't be upset either. But think about the fact that they spend EVERY weekend together. As long as they are spending any amount of time, it should be fine.


Don't get wrapped up in the quantity of time spent. Its about what they do, what they talk about, and what they share while they are awake together. If the issue stems from that, then sure...he needs to do a self-evaluation. But if it was just this one time...then give him a break.


Sometimes people just want to break a routine every once in a while.

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