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Getting to Really Know Someone


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When you are in the early stages of dating someone new, what "deep topics" do you like to talk about? What topics of conversation are important for you to discuss that go beyond the where did you grow up, where did you go to school, what's your job, etc.? How do you steer the conversation so that you can really find out about someone beyond the initial surface. Guys, I would be especially interest in your viewpoint!





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The truth is- you can't steer the other person's thoughts and shouldn't. Ask questions, yes, but the more you reveal about yourself- slowly and comfortably- the more they will reveal about themselves as time goes on. It's a simple process. It just shouldn't be forced. Refer to what is relatable for the moment. Don't steer, just relate. Everything is doable, but control is not.


For example, "This reminds me of __. I" or "I always enjoy seeing this." or "life has shown me..." The more aware you act of yourself, the more interest they will take in you. It's a secret that I use- to push out the truth, the better person inside yourself.


You want them to go to a certain place and you want to go to a certain place but you can't get there by trying to. You have to wait to. Patience towards a person presses them towards you. They'll never get scared off or bored.


Seek for the insights that now brings and always voice your heart and thoughts. You can only gain now. you can not gain the depth of every soul. You can only try to understand a little of it. With love, you will reach a lot... given time.

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