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What do you say when ...


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What do you say when someone makes up a reason to apologize to you, just so he can interact with you?


There's this guy. He likes me. I don't like him. He knows it. So last week, some friends invited me to hang out with them, and they invited him to crash the party too. No biggie. I was cool with it. Didn't talk much with him, but I wasn't there to talk with him anyway.


Now he sends an email apologizing for coming over. As far as I know, he's not apologizing to anyone else who was there. I think he's trying to make something out of nothing, which I find really irritating. So I don't know how to reply to his email.


Ignoring it would seem kinda rude. I'd like to question him as to why he's apologizing, but maybe that's mean? But just saying, "Don't worry about it," seems like not enough. I dunno. My attitude is pretty much, "Whatever, dude."


Any ideas? Thanks.

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I am sorry you are going through this (ack! there I am apologizing for nothing!)

Haha, very funny.


Well, your e-mail made me think I could make light of the situation. Maybe something like, "Dude, do you apologize every time you're invited to a party? That could get to be a drag, don't you think?"


Slightlybent, he did ask me another question that I have to respond to. So I just wasn't sure whether to ignore the whole "sorry for partying with you" thing or come up with something to say....

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OK, thanks everybody! I emailed him back and ... decided to say nothing about it. I answered another question he had and that was it. I was ALMOST going to get into the "why are you sorry?" bit, but I re-read his email and he'd actually already said why (because he thought maybe I wanted to spend time with my friends without others there).


Yeah, thinking of what else to say to him just got too complicated. His "apology" was just trying too hard, and in the end, it seemed best to just let it die a natural death. lol.

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