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No intamacy except for sex...


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Well, the title pretty much explains the situation. I have been dating my current gf for almost 2 years. The problem is, there is no making out, or foreplay really whatsoever. We dont mess around anymore, its kinda like we decide to have sex, and it happens, then the rest of the day is kinda like hanging out with my best friend. It has been a problem for a while, but it has just been really starting to get to me. I dont know really what to do. I still think that she loves me a little at least. Its weird, but im starting to think that maybe I dont love her anymore.


Foreplay is no longer existent at all, it has slowly been diminishing. At first we would experiment anything and everything. And of course, the best thing I enjoyed about it, no longer exists, which is giving her oral. I am no longer allowed to do that... makes no sense to me. She says that she just doesnt enjoy being "licked" down there.


Making out has gone completely out, I havent had a taste of that for almost a year and a half basically.


I dont really know what to do. I am just kinda looking for peoples opinion on what I should do. I have thinking about ending the relationship with her, but I feel that I would miss her.


Anyway, thanks.

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Have you tried to talk to her about this lack of intimacy?

Do you ever rub her back or give her a massage with oil in a sexy way but without it leading to sex? Can you talk to her about anything?

This is where intimacy starts: talking.

Try telling her what's going on with you. Ask her what she wants and what she needs from this or any relationship.

It could be you are just naturally drifting apart and it's time to meet new people. You will miss her if you break up but it may be worth it to see what is out there intimacy wise with other people.

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talk to her about it, maybe she feels the same way too? you never know. also ask her why she doesn't like the oral part, maybe she feels shy or dirty or something?


do you get along on other things? like having a good conversation, enjoy each others company?


do you hold hands? cuddle? if not, start with that first...also talk to her about your feelings!

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Yes Candy we do still do things that a regular couple does. We hang out not as much as id like since she has been going to school almost every day of the week. But when we do hang out, we have little arguments, but they never lead to anything big. We cuddle, make dinner, do fun stuff. Just not the things that i like to do I guess when it comes down to being alone.

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