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The crisp autumn air combined with the drops both from the sky and from my eyes make this day one that wont be forgotten.


Today was the day you became just another soul walking the twisted path in life, miles apart from me, just like you began it.


Love came and went like the elusive stranger it so often immitates, no warnings, no compassion.


No longer will your warmth be what carries me through the harshest of winter days, or the coolest fall nights


No you are that bright star in the sky now, the one that I admire from afar, but I know will never be within reach


All that is left now are these momentos and our memories, not even the worst could take those from us


Tonight was the night we embraced for the last time for the rest of time, a sad end to a bright love that got lost in harsh reality


Your gaze could give me life when everything was gone, your touch could stir me from the darkest of abysses


Forever we thought, forever we wanted, but forever did not want us


My sweet love goodbye was never so hard


I reach for that familiar hand, your familiar scent, your loving touch, your melting smile


Tonight I catch emptiness, you disapear into the darkness a reminder that my love is gone


The leaves are changing colors, indicitive of my life, the rain falls harder mimicking my actions


Love blossoms starting off like a flower in the spring, blossoming an exuding its sweet nectars, if only spring could last forever, like a love that felt heaven sent


Today is the day that love died, a love that brought two wayward souls as close as they could come on this mortal earth, a love so strong we said nothing could break us


Now those words fall like the rain on deaf ears, a distant memory, you embrace me for the last time, pulling me closer as i pull away


This was what you wanted when I wanted you forever, now all I have is this umbrella and the lasting image of your car driving away


Love is the reason life exists, the journey to find true hapiness, today the journey seems so cruel and so unclear


You can be so far away but you will always live inside of me, that burning love will never die, not in this heart, no matter how far apart time or life may spread us, your beauty lives on, always a part of this battered soul

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