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Should I work tomorrow? Need quick advice...

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So, let me take you through the chain of events...


I found tow ads in my local paper a week ago today, bit were jobs I got very excited about, so I applied for both online.


Friday I got a phonecall on my cell while I was out and about from one of the jobs. They told me they wanted me to come in Monday (tomorw) and work one day for a contract project. I got very excitred and told them I would do it. She asked me for a price, and I gave her a price. She said she would call me back in an hour to confirm. She also gave me her email addy.


So, thinking it would probably be confirmed, I called my boss at my present job (which I can't wait to leave) and told her what was going on and that I probably wouldn't work Monday. She was fine with that, and told me if the other place confirms this one day projct to just leave her a message Monday morning.


Well, an hour came and went and the one day contract person never got back to me.


When I got home there was a message on my machine about the other job (because I applied for two jobs) wanting me to get back with them ASAP about setting up an interview. Problem was, the office closed at 5 and it was 20 after five.


I don't want my boss (who doesn't like me) to have the satisfaction of knowing I didn't get the contract job. I also want to be able to go to the interview the first time they offer me (which will probably be tomorrow. Also, I will have a hard time calling to ste up the interview, getting dressed up for the interview, getting directions to the place, etc, if I am at work. So, I realise this exhibits a bad work ethic, but should I just stay home tomorrow? It seems like things would be so much easier if I did. Why let a job I hate get in the way of a Job I would love?


What do you all think?

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it's just a day, you might as well take it off, But what happens when your boss finds out you didn't get the first job.....hhmm.....or you could reschedual with the new place, bu for REALLY soon! tough one, I dunno. Actaully, the new job may not even have time to interview you tomorrow, then you'd miss a day for nothing. And have to miss another day when you do interview, maybe you should call them BEFORE you usually go to work and find out when they wanna see you.

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I'd take the day off.

Your current boss doesn't need to know one way or the other whether you worked the single day on contract or not.

Then send an email to contract job person #1 and tell them that you are still currently available, however you have been called about an interview and will need confirmation by X (whatever time makes sense). If you don't hear from them, call job #2 and go in there and knock them dead.

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If I understand correctly, the 2nd job would replace your current day job, right?


If so, and that is what you are looking for from the interview, then do what you have to. I wouldn't outright lie about the other job being the reason you aren't there tomorrow, but I wouldn't let them know you are looking either.


This is where my "business morality" is a bit more ruthless than the personal kind, and you almost have to be that way... Not to say the two don't intertwine often, but if your current employer was going to let you go, 99% of the time, you wouldn't know about it until your last day.

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