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6 + weeks NC has been demolished!

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Wow. What a weekend. I had the feeling I would run into her. But this was crazy.


Friday night a friend of mine had a bday dinner. His gf is good friends with my ex. I didn't end up going, but a close friend of mine who came into town did. Turns out my ex went as well. I was fairly surprised about that. Anyways later on I headed over to the old frat house, chilled with some peepz including the bday boy. His gf showed up, 15 mins later myself and about 10 other people headed over to the bar. I was first out the door, and OF COURSE, my ex is walking in with her gf. She smiles wide and gives me a big hug, says hello. I do the same and continue heading outside. I say hello to her friend on the way out, her firend then asks me if "I have a pencil, for her hair?"...I think she was just trying to slow me down.


Fast forward. 20 minutes later my ex and her friend comes to the bar we are all at. She is all done up, looks over all night. Eventually she comes over to try and talk me up but I happen to be talkin to a girl my friend is into. So my ex leaves...or at least I thought so. She was just outside talking to some friends, I could see them when I went to order a drink. Anyway, my ex comes back in and eventually works her way to sit down with me. I broke the ice and made her laugh are youuuuuuuuuuu doing?". We had a nice talk, she kept drinking out of my drink. A guy came up to speak with her, while he did I talked to a friend next to me. The whole time this guy was there she was drinking out of my drink, sending signals she was with me..Also started talking about someo of the love lifes of our mutual friends. Mentioned how our mutual friend had no game, but the girl who he was kinda seeing "wanted to have his children". Don't know if her words about these other people were her way of talking about us indirectly. To spare details, I got the vibe that we had in the past. We spoke for maybe 10 minutes, I felt the convo hit its peak, so I kissed her on the cheek said goodbye and leeft with a friend. After leaving another bar later on I smiled at a group of girls who looked somewhat familiar. After I walked by I heard them saying they should tell my ex - they said her name, its fairly unique.


Ok, next day I see that there are pics posted of my ex online - some of her posing with her gf's while getting ready, some with all my boys she went to dinner with. Then a mutual friend of ours asks how I am... come to find out my ex talked to him online and said she was gonna drink hard that night, the last night had been rough. She had been following me around!


Next night went out with the boys again. Saw some of the ex's friends, they seemed to be watching me a bit. Bout midnight or so I head bcak to the same bar as the previous night. Walk in and am spotted by my ex's roommate. I grab a drink and sit down thinking my ex is already there. Turns out she came by about 15 minutes later by herself. I was sitting with some friends, talking with the girl who I posted about earlier...and acquaintance of my ex. My ex walks by, sees me, gets wide eyed, then gives this other girl a big hug, says hello for a minute, then walks away. Later on I run into my ex by the restroom, she gives me a quick hug. She also seemed to try and flirt a bit in front of me later on in the night. I saw her leave the bar before me.


I feel like the door has been opened for me to do my thing and work some game...but the thing is I don't want to do this just to get my head messed with. But I also don't want to shy away and make it seem like im not interested or intimidated.


Alright, that's a long story but I had to get it out! Haven't talked about this at all this weekend, but I've been dying to. Any thoughts from you all, especially considering the recent history I've posted about. I love this girl, want to see what we might be able to work out. Does it seem like she is putting herself out there to see if I'll chase her? Damn it was hard to fight the urge to go up and lay one on her, I'm not the type that likes to beat around the bush. Even if she is putting herswelf out there, should I wait for more?


Damn, need some input people!

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Don't know the details of your guys' break-up, but from what I gather in this post, your ex is definitely interested in reconnecting with you. I've done very similar things in the past when I've been interested in rekindling a relationship with an ex. I say go for it, however if she was the one who dumped you, I'd say proceed with the utmost caution.

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I am thinking the same thing too, but I'd like to know for sure. How did things turn out for you in a similar situation? What worked, didn't work?


I lost the willpower today and finally checked her online profile after weeks of staying away. I don't want to try to interpret what I saw on there, although it seems to be at the very least neutral


Plus, it is now confirmed that the night I spoke with her this past weekend she was wearing te same dress she bought specifically to a special formal occasion she attended with me. I hadn't seen her wear it since, and I am almost positive she was trying to run into me that night.


Believe me, I want to go for it, but I'm tryin to play it cool and not let this turn into some fling that afterwards seems wrong. It seems like there is a good sort of tension building up, almost like things are starting fresh.


THanks for your thought RedQueen, I'll keep this thread updated if you'd be kind enough to provide some more feedback. Thanks!

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Wow, I just thought of something kind of funny. In regards to relationships, I am the ultimate "Queen of Rexcycling".


Anyway, what usually happens, is that after a given duration of having been totally broken up, my ex and I, by some weird, yet-unknown gravitational force, will find ourselves face to face again in a series of, at first awkward then refreshingly comfortable social situations.


When confronted with the possibility of rekindling, it will suddenly dawn on me, "hey, I actually know this guy, we dated. He's not a stranger, I once knew him intimately"


And....at least from my perspective, that's the rationale I use to justify getting back together with him.

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