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i have had a few days to think about all the advice and the conversations that i have had with my girlfriend and have reaslise something so obvious.


Youcant make someone love you more, you cant make someone love you faster and you cant make someone commit to a relationship irrigardless how long you have had/having the relationship. If they arent ready, they arent ready. If you can wait then you are going to have to wait, if you cant wait then YOU will have to let go. It isnt their fault if they can't commit.


In the end, it isnt anyones fault. They arent ready and you are.


Thanks all for your advice!

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After givig it some serious thoughts, i do love this woman but i think that it wouldnt be fair if i kept on pushing the issue to her. I have given myself and this relaitonship a deadline. If there is no progression and the fear of commitiment with me is still there in 4 months (late feb my brthday) i will move on from this relatonship.

I know 4 months looks to be short to some people but it would be roughly 2 years from that date when we got together so i believe that is more then enough time for 2 people to know each other.

What is your opinion?

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