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Things wont be the same... =/


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Hey guys, I posted a few days earlier about a girl called S who came into town, threw my life into a spiral and left again. If I knew how to find the thread, I'd post a link of it.


So I did the letter idea, and the next day she rang me up and we went and had coffee and talked. I explained to her that the rumors weren't true, and that I told her no... she seemed hesitant to believe me at first, but after I retold the story a couple of times she got the idea. Now we're going out again as Girlfriend and Boyfriend... but...


...Well, I can already see things are different. Before she was just a little self-conscious when we were together, and she seemed to have this "what did I do to deserve him?" mentality (Actually, she said that exactly on many occasions), and yes that could be bloody annoying at times, but I was trying to help her get over it.


But she's acting differently, acting really possessive and jealous. My supervisor - a woman twenty-five years my senior - called just after we resolved things, and I had to talk to her for a few minutes about shiftswitching. As soon as I hung up My girlfriend launced this interrogation! "Who was she?" "What did she want?" "Why did she call?" "Why did she have my mobile number?" and then she told me she wasn't comfortable speaking with other girls!


I know you're meant to make concessions in a relationship, but I'm not going to give up all my female friends, I've known some of them longer than I've known her! And I really can't ignore my supervisor or ask her not to call me...


S has really done a number on this town, everyone I know and who met her seems to have been thrown around or turned upsidedown just by being around her...


I'm not being too selfish am I?!

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The only person being selfish here is her! She is being unreasonable and since you have never given her reason not to trust you, her attitude shows that she has very little respect for you. I hate to say this but she is very immature and jealousy is probably one of the most unattractive qualities in a person. Let her huff and puff and blow somebody else's house down, you don't need this girl.



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