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Period Question.

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Has this happened to any one?

My period usually last for 5-6 days but this last one only lasted 2 days (heavy/medium bleading)3rd day just spotting.

I was supose to get it on Oct. 1 -2 but i got it on Sep 28. Never happpend to me this before.



A week before my BF and I had sex (protected).

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its nothing to worry about. mine is irregular too. you might want to go see your doctor and check for a thyroid problem. its no big really, your thyroid gland is either underactive or overactive and they can prescibe medication for it. but i suggest taking vitamins instead. thats what i took and now my thyroid is almost back to normal

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princes24 - how old are you? It's perfectly natural at certain stages of life to experience fluctuations. Also, any of the other factors mentioned above, or your recent weight loss, could have contributed to the weight loss. It's nothing to worry about, but if you can't help worrying, just call your doctor and he/she will reassure you.


i've been synchronized with every female roommate I've had....


My stepmom dreaded seeing my plumbing products, because she knew it was almost her time...


Does anyone else remember the episode of Sex and the City where Samantha thought she was going through menopause? The fabulous 4 were sitting around a table all talking about being on their periods at the same time and giggling about it, and Samantha just got a bad look on her face. Anyway, that episode came on the other day when my husband was feeding our son, and when they started having that conversation I left the room with the remote My husband yelled "I'll never forgive you for this!"

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