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i have this friend who i don't feel comfortable being alone with her..you see a couple of weeks ago i was in one of my classrooms with a mix of girl and guy friends. i was sitting on the table and the guy she has a crush on came over to me and started flirting with me [huggiog and stuff]..i told him and a few other friends and she overheard and pushed me into the wall, yelled at me and stormed out and i didn't expect that and neither did anyone else because she's never done that before...from then on she just keeps bosing me around...for example i was standing outside and she literally grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me along for a walk even when i had told her many times i didn't want to...she seems to think that she is in control of me...and i have trouble standing up to people..


what should i do?

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Don't let this girl bully you around. She sounds like she is jealous that her crush flirted with you.



She has no right to boss you around or try to control your actions of any sort. Friends don't try to control friends, not like what you describe this girl as doing.



Be firm with her, stand up for yourself and tell her that she needs to stop this stuff she is doing.


If she doesn't then avoid being around her as much as possible. I certainly wouldn't be calling her a friend.


I also just wanted to ask what are the ages of you and your group of friends ?

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IMO, it sounds like she got very embarrassed and overreacted.

At 15, I would have been upset with my friend if she was flirting with the guy I liked and told him I was staring at him.

But she is definitly taking it too far.

You should talk to her about it and maybe ask how she feels, but let her know that you want to move on from this incident. Either be friends and act like it, or don't spend any time together.

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